Your Story is Really Important: Stef Soto in The Record

“In conversations about diversity in children’s literature, people will often talk about books as mirrors and books as windows,” Torres said. “All kids should have both — books that authentically reflect their lives and families, and books that help them understand and appreciate experiences unlike their own.

“I also worry that, especially right now, there seems to be a current of thought that tends to narrow our understanding of what are American stories and who gets to tell them. I hope my book shows young readers — especially students who, like Stef, come from immigrant families — that their stories are American stories, and their stories are important.”

Many thanks to Record reporter (and one of my fave local journalists) Almendra Carpizo for the great conversation. And to photographer Calixtro Romias (another favorite) for agreeing to meet at the best taco truck in Stockton.

Read the full interview here.

2 thoughts on “Your Story is Really Important: Stef Soto in The Record

  1. Lisa J Blount says:

    I enjoyed the article and agree with your perspective. Im also excited to have your book in our library.
    Lisa Blount

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