Fun Makes


Practice the running stitch—just like Catalina Castañeda in Catalina Incognito—and sew up a fun kitten pouch or plush with this project that’s just right for beginners.

Try it out here!


Make homemade tortillas!
In Stef Soto, Taco Queen, Stef’s favorite comfort food is a warm tortilla, dripping with melted butter. (Mine too!) Try making your own batch, then discuss the foods that most remind you of home.

Find an easy recipe here.


Design your own food truck!
Create food truck art that says something about you (I recommend colored pencils for this one).  What’s your truck’s name? What’s the specialty of the house? What recipes from your own family would you most want to share with others?

Get the free printable here.


Make cascarones!
Cascarones are confetti-filled eggs (The Spanish word cáscara means shell). You should make some! Here’s how.

cascarones finished

Make paper flowers!
One of my favorite Mexican folk traditions is the paper flower. Just like mariachi music, paper flowers add joy to birthday parties, weddings, festivals and parades And they’re a lot of fun to make: