Because there’s never been a girl

“Did you know,” Alice asked when I picked her up from kindergarten one afternoon,”there’s never been a girl President?”

I know, of course. But not like she does.

My daughters are fortunate in many, many, many, many ways. And I think maybe one of the biggest and most powerful is that their world is incandescent with possibility.


It would never occur to her that a girl couldn’t be President. So why hadn’t one?

“Lots of reasons. Why do you think?” (It’s kind of a cheat, but I lean on it lots. What do you think?)

Alice thinks it’s because the first President was a boy. “And boys normally pick boys.”

“Something like that.”


Primary Day in California. We voted!


“And do you know what else?” I asked her, “There was a time when girls weren’t even allowed to vote. They didn’t even get to help pick the President.”

She frowned. Why?

“I know, right? There have been some pretty terrible laws.”

“Were they mostly about things girls weren’t allowed to do?”


Stan is the dog. I *think* this means the pets are Trump supporters. Or they’re on the ticket? I am not 100 percent sure. Soly is Alice’s little sister, Soledad. She’s for Sanders.

We checked a bunch of books out of the library – about girls and women and voting and service and making things possible. (Do you have any recommendations? We always want more).


My favorite, favorite part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC earlier this week, the part that made me a little teary, was this:

“I want a leader … who is worthy of my girls’ promise and all our kids’ promise, a leader who will be guided every day by the love and hope and impossibly big dreams that we all have for our children.”

Oh, me too.