Story Map

subject area

Language arts

Common core Standards alignment


  • Determine the central idea or themes of a text, analyze their development, and summarize the key supporting details and ideas.
  • Analyze how and why individuals, events and ideas develop and interact over the course of a text.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of story structure through exploration of the book, Finding the Music/En Pos de la Música.


Finding the Music/En Pos de la Música
Finding the Music – Story Map


  • Introduce the book by reminding students to look out for the main character’s problem and the ways she tries to solve it.
  • Read! Together, as a group, or individually.
  • Hand out the Story Map graphic organizer and invite students to complete by drawing or writing in the boxes. The first box should illustrate Reyna’s problem. The next three should show the steps she takes to solve it.


Did Reyna get what she wanted in the end? Why or why not? Explain with evidence from the story.

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