Bad Princesses Book Launch

If princesses can’t break the rules, maybe it’s time to rewrite them…

Celebrate the launch of Perfect Villains, Book 1 in the new Bad Princesses series from Scholastic!

Saturday, May 13, 2023
11 a.m. PT
San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe
2476 Huntington Drive,
San Marino

Join me at the wonderful San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe for a reading and signing, and stay to make your own villain (or princess!) tiara. Hope to see you there!

For fans of Whatever After and Upside Down Magic and any kid who has ever felt like they just don’t fit into the box they’ve been assigned. Everyone dreams of going to the Fine and Ancient Institute for the Royal to learn how to be a princess. But Dalia and Dominga could not be any less enchanted. They are different…the same kind of different. Neither of them wants to be the fairest of them all. They want to join a secret society of villains at the Bewitched Academy of the Dreadful. So, they’ve devised the perfect plot to ruin the first day of class. It will be the rottenest scheme of all. Something so perfectly awful, so fantastically horrible, so wonderfully wicked that they’ll surely get their invitations to the BAD.